March 6, 2012

International Doc Challenge 2012: Sanjiban

UPDATE: Sanjiban is now available online at the Doc Challenge screening room.

Short on sleep, Kristen and I drove to a late-night post office yesterday in rural Massachusetts and mailed a DVD. We had just finished a short film to compete in this year’s International Documentary Challenge, a five-day sprint to complete a documentary on an particular theme in a randomly selected genre. On the drive back, we didn’t have to say out loud what was obvious to both of us: this is the best film we have ever made.

Sanjiban documents the final journey of filmmaker and video artist Sanjiban Sellew, who died of brain cancer just a few days prior. In a video recorded during his rapidly progressing illness, he said “I feel myself becoming less of a human being daily, by the cancer in my brain that’s still chomping away at my electronics, my circuit boards.”


While we must wait until the results of the competition are announced to release the film publicly, you can sign up for our email newsletter to be notified when and where you can see Sanjiban.

Our whole team feels incredibly blessed to have shared this time of celebration and grief with his family. Our thoughts and sympathies remain with the family, and we offer best wishes to Sanjiban on his travels.


Director, Producer, DP Ben Pender-Cudlip

Editor Kristen Salerno

Associate Producer Casey Atkins

Sound Mix Kristen Salerno

Sound Engineering Audrey Knuth

Original Piano Composition John Sellew

Composer David Guerette

Guitar Neil Dean